19,900 AED*

Motorcycles Sharmax SUPER SPORT GP 501 E

19,900 AED*
VAT Exclusive
Sharmax SUPER SPORT GP 501 E

Our Super Sport series is designed for high performance and speed and presents an ideal choice for those seeking acceleration and precision handling on both the track and road.

Required training experience

The Sharmax GP 501 E stands at the forefront of electric motorcycle technology, offering high performance with an emphasis on efficiency and minimal maintenance. 

It features an electric motor that provides instant torque and quick acceleration. This model boasts a maximum charging time of 3 hours, a battery capacity of 60Ah, and an endurance range of 120km, balancing power with practicality. 

Simplified maintenance and environmental benefits make the GP 501 E a compelling choice for the next generation of riders looking for performance and sustainability in a super sport bike.