You can purchase everything on credit with us. As part of the Sharmax Finance programs, our company offers the opportunity to purchase products on credit using the Tabby credit program - a financial platform that allows consumers to pay for their online and offline purchases either in one payment later or in several payments. This is a simple and reliable way to not deny yourself the desired purchase.

You can quickly and easily apply for credit with the help of our specialists. Calculate the loan and make an application.

Installment Payment

The installment payment from Sharmax motors is a simple and convenient way to purchase product. The cost of goods or services is divided into several parts so that you can pay it off gradually. This is a suitable way that will allow your family budget to purchase the desired product and not deny yourself the opportunity to get closer to nature!



Sharmax motors brings together and supports various entrepreneurs in the development and promotion of motorcycles and an active lifestyle in our country and beyond. Having a franchise for the implementation of well-known, reliable, and long-established brands of equipment and machinery, Sharmax motors invites everyone who wishes to join the amazing world of motorcycles, including companies and private investors. We always have advantageous and promising offers for goods and fruitful cooperation.

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