41,900 AED


41,900 AED

UTVs, or side-by-side, are built to be durable enough for any job and in any weather conditions, with some of them featuring enclosed cab options. In terms of comfort, control and safety, UTVs stand out among standard four-wheelers. They also have much higher capacity and can carry up to six passengers.

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The Sharmax WORKMAX 580 stands as a robust and reliable utility task vehicle, crafted to excel in diverse off-road scenarios. It is powered by a robust 4-stroke single-cylinder engine with a 546 cc displacement, offering dependable performance in a variety of environments. The engine is complemented by an electronic fuel injection system, ensuring efficient fuel usage. Additionally, its liquid cooling system maintains optimal engine temperature, even under challenging conditions.

Designed for adaptability, the Sharmax WORKMAX 580 features a selectable 2WD/4WD drive system, complete with a front locking differential. This system enables the vehicle to traverse challenging terrains with confidence. For tasks requiring significant pulling power, the WORKMAX 580 is equipped with a strong winch, capable of handling loads up to approximately 2,000 lbs (907 kg). This feature proves indispensable for towing or hauling heavy items or extricating the vehicle from difficult situations.

Enhancing its operational ease, an optional electronic power steering system is available, offering effortless maneuverability, especially in confined spaces. 

Whether for professional applications such as farming or contracting, or for recreational outdoor activities, the UTV Sharmax WORKMAX 580 emerges as a versatile and dependable choice.