41,900 AED


41,900 AED

UTVs, or side-by-side, are built to be durable enough for any job and in any weather conditions, with some of them featuring enclosed cab options. In terms of comfort, control and safety, UTVs stand out among standard four-wheelers. They also have much higher capacity and can carry up to six passengers.

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The Sharmax 580 RACE is another great choice for off-road enthusiasts. Designed with agility and ease of handling, its lightweight frame and well-calculated dimensions allow for remarkable maneuverability across diverse terrains. 

At the heart of this UTV is a robust 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine, capable of achieving a top speed of 85 km/h. Liquid cooling technology plays a crucial role in ensuring the engine operates at an optimal temperature, essential for maintaining performance during prolonged use or in extreme environments.

The CDI ignition system of the SHARMAX 580 RACE contributes to its overall reliability, offering consistent start-ups and smooth engine operation. This feature, coupled with the vehicle's durable construction, reassures users of its capability to endure rigorous off-road conditions.

Furthermore, the SHARMAX 580 RACE doesn't compromise on comfort. Its ergonomically designed seating and intuitive control layout make it accessible to riders of various skill levels, ensuring a pleasant experience even during extended journeys. The suspension system is fine-tuned to absorb shocks and provide a stable ride, enhancing the overall driving experience.