24,900 AED


24,900 AED

It is designed to overcome various problem areas on the road without a hard surface – pits, bumps, sand drifts, as well as the consequences of seasonal thaw. The UTV ATV can also be a great way to unwind, because it's high speed, open cabin, freedom, maneuvers and new emotions!

Required training experience

Presenting the SHARMAX PREDATOR 400 UTV - the ultimate off-roader that will take your adventures to new heights. With its powerful engine and rugged design, this 2-seater UTV is built to conquer any terrain with ease. Powered by a 4-stroke, Single-Cylinder engine, the SHARMAX PREDATOR 400 delivers an impressive 25HP and a maximum torque of 25N.m. Its automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive ensure smooth and effortless rides, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the journey. Designed for durability and performance, this UTV features a water-cooled engine that keeps temperatures in check even during intense off-road excursions. Its sturdy construction and adjustable suspension system provide exceptional stability and handling, allowing you to navigate through rough terrains with confidence. With a fuel capacity of 9.5L, you can explore the great outdoors without worrying about running out of gas. The SHARMAX PREDATOR 400 also boasts a maximum load capacity of 300 kg, making it perfect for hauling gear or embarking on thrilling off-road adventures with a friend. But it's not just about power and performance - this UTV is also designed with your comfort in mind. Its spacious 2-seater cabin provides ample room for you and your companion to relax and enjoy the ride. The ergonomic seating and adjustable features ensure a comfortable journey, even on long trips. With a sleek and rugged design, the SHARMAX PREDATOR 400 is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Its compact dimensions of 2.34x1.4x1.55 meters make it easy to maneuver through narrow trails and tight spaces, while its lightweight construction of 280 kg allows for agile handling. Get ready to unleash your adventurous spirit with the SHARMAX PREDATOR 400 UTV. Whether you're tackling challenging terrains or embarking on weekend getaways, this off-roader is your ticket to endless excitement. Don't miss out on the opportunit