25,900 AED*

Motorcycles Sharmax ROAD BIKE RR 801 Ultra

25,900 AED*
VAT Exclusive
Sharmax ROAD BIKE RR 801 Ultra

Explore our Road Bike collection, designed for efficiency and performance on paved surfaces. Engineered for long-distance comfort and endurance, our Road Bikes provide a superior riding experience for both commuting and recreational use.

Required training experience

Discover the RR 801 Ultra, a sleek road bike blending style, performance, and advanced technology. 

Equipped with a 750cc V-shaped engine, this bike delivers an exhilarating 68 horsepower, ensuring rapid acceleration and a top speed of 210 km/h. Enjoy modern conveniences like dual USB ports, fully LED lighting, and a multifunctional 3.6-inch TFT dashboard display. 

Safety is paramount with disc brakes on all wheels enhanced by ABS. Whether cruising city streets or exploring open roads, the RR 801 Ultra delivers a superb riding experience with its robust power and distinctive sound. Perfect for riders seeking a combination of exhilaration and functionality.