9,900 AED

Moto Sharmax ROAD BIKE RR 250

9,900 AED
Sharmax ROAD BIKE RR 250

Explore our Road Bike collection, designed for efficiency and performance on paved surfaces. Engineered for long-distance comfort and endurance, our Road Bikes provide a superior riding experience for both commuting and recreational use.

Required training experience

Introducing the Sharmax Road Bike RR 250, a blend of power and precision engineered for the avid road enthusiast. Equipped with a robust 250cc engine, it delivers a solid 18 HP, perfectly balancing performance and agility. The bike's four-stroke engine ensures a smooth and efficient power delivery, ideal for both city cruising and open-road adventures.

The RR 250 comes with a slick 5-speed transmission, offering seamless gear shifts and a responsive riding experience. Its peak performance reaches 7000 RPM, providing a thrilling burst of speed while maintaining stability and control. This bike is designed for riders who seek a harmonious combination of power, versatility, and smooth riding dynamics.