4,500 AED*

Motorcycles SHARMAX POWER MAX 125

4,500 AED*
VAT Exclusive

Discover our selection of Pitbikes, engineered for off-road performance and agility. These compact and robust models cater to various skill levels, offering both beginners and experienced riders a dynamic off-road experience.

Required training experience

The Sharmax Power Max 125 pit bike combines agility and audacity despite its compact size.

At the core of the Sharmax Power Max 125 is a robust 4-stroke engine with a displacement of 125 cc. The 4-speed transmission offers riders precise control and the ability to adapt to varying track conditions seamlessly. This combination allows for a dynamic and responsive riding experience, whether on a race track or navigating through challenging terrains.

The bike also boasts an advanced air-cooling system, ensuring that the engine maintains optimal temperature for performance and reliability. This feature is particularly important during extended periods of use or when racing in hot, demanding environments.

Structurally, the Power Max 125 is built around a durable chromoly alloy frame. This material choice guarantees both strength and lightness, contributing to the bike's excellent maneuverability and stability.

Sharmax Power Max 125 is an updated model of the popular motorcycle brand. In addition to the modern look and high reliability in operation, this unit is distinguished by the optimal ratio of high quality and affordable cost.