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Accessories SHARMAX Oil DRIVE 10 W-50-4T Engine SL S.SYN

49 AED*
VAT Exclusive
SHARMAX Oil DRIVE 10 W-50-4T Engine SL S.SYN

For the durability and stable performance of your engine, we recommend using Sharmax oil specifically designed for our vehicles.

Required training experience

Sharmax Premium Oil 10W-50 is a high-performance semi-synthetic motorcycle oil specifically designed for 4-stroke engines and suitable for both air and water-cooled systems.

It is a perfect choice for racing, sports, and off-road motorcycles.

This oil delivers exceptional performance thanks to a combination of high-quality base oils and proven additives. It provides optimal lubrication for the engine and transmission, as well as reliable operation of wet clutches even in extreme operating conditions and during extended use.

Designed to ensure maximum protection against extreme engine wear, this oil keeps pistons and rings free from deposits, even under high stress and temperature conditions. It offers unmatched reliability and performance, keeping your motorcycle running smoothly and efficiently.