16,900 AED*


16,900 AED*
VAT Exclusive

UTVs, or side-by-side, are built to be durable enough for any job and in any weather conditions, with some of them featuring enclosed cab options. In terms of comfort, control and safety, UTVs stand out among standard four-wheelers. They also have much higher capacity and can carry up to six passengers.

Required training experience

The Sharmax MAXXIS 250 is a versatile and robust UTV designed for adventurers of all ages. Its construction is centered around a reinforced frame, offering enhanced safety and sturdiness, which is particularly beneficial in rugged terrains. The vehicle features additional leg protection, effectively shielding riders from dirt and debris.

Equipped with a 250cc engine, the Sharmax MAXXIS 250 is suitable for both young enthusiasts, ideally 12 years and older, and adults. Its 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine generates a powerful output of 19.5 horsepower. This power is complemented by an efficient air/oil-cooling system, ensuring the engine runs smoothly and reliably, even under challenging off-road conditions.

The vehicle's driveline is a 2X4 setup with a chain final drive, providing excellent traction and control. This makes navigating through various terrains a more controlled and enjoyable experience. The continuously variable transmission (CVT) of the Sharmax MAXXIS 250 offers smooth and seamless gear shifting, contributing to a comfortable ride.

The Sharmax MAXXIS 250 stands out as a reliable and safe option for off-road adventures, blending power, control and safety in a design that appeals to a wide range of riders.