25,900 AED

Marine Sharmax LUXE 500

25,900 AED
Sharmax LUXE 500

Three life support sections. An emergency demolition valve is installed on each section. The lower part of the sections and the keel are armored with American KeelShield Length tape. You can safely fly aground or shore on pebbles. Now it's real.

Required training experience

The Sharmax LUXE 500 RIB boat is designed by Sharmax Motors, utilizing materials sourced from HANWHA Polydreamer Co., Ltd., PVC fabrics from Wonpoong Corporation, and Henkel adhesive, renowned for its quality from Germany. This boat is expertly engineered with a focus on safety and durability. It features three dedicated life support compartments, each equipped with an emergency burst valve for added security. The strategically placed carrying handles allow for easy lifting from any angle. The lower sections and keel are fortified with the durable American Keel Shield Length tape, enabling confident beaching on shallows or pebbled shores. This is now a reality.