10,900 AED

Moto Sharmax GP 250

10,900 AED
Sharmax GP 250

It will not go unnoticed even for sophisticated users. Attractive appearance, high performance, reliability and a winning ratio of affordable price and high quality make you pay attention to yourself.

Required training experience

Introducing the Sharmax GP 250 - a motorcycle that combines the best of both worlds. With its lightweight frame and powerful engine, you can reach top speeds with easiness, while the comfortable seat allows you to ride for hours without fatigue. There are few motorcycles on the market that can compare to this perfect blend of performance and comfort, but the Sharmax GP 250 is one of them. The lightweight frame enables you to ride at maximum speeds without feeling weighed down by the motorcycle. Made from a durable aluminum alloy, it can withstand even the most intense conditions while remaining light enough for you to feel as if there's nothing between your body and the road beneath you. This motorcycle's engine is equipped with a 4-stroke cylinder engine and an air cooling system, allowing it to operate with maximum efficiency, fuel economy, and reduced exhaust emissions. This means that not only will your ride be more comfortable, but it will also be beneficial for our planet! The seat of this motorcycle is made from high-quality leather, providing comfort during long rides without compromising strength and style. The seat has been specially designed for comfort, so even after several hours on the motorcycle, you will still feel at ease. Get ready to have an unforgettable journeys with this motorcylce!