30,900 AED

Marine Sharmax F70

30,900 AED
Sharmax F70

Three life support sections. An emergency demolition valve is installed on each section. The lower part of the sections and the keel are armored with American KeelShield Length tape. You can safely fly aground or shore on pebbles. Now it's real.

Required training experience

The SHARMAX F70 outboard motor is a fully compatible counterpart to other high-performance engines, offering interchangeable parts that significantly streamline equipment operation and maintenance. Sharmax outboard motors are available for purchase after undergoing rigorous testing and comprehensive system checks. These motors feature external components crafted from a specialized aluminum alloy. Within this series, the four-stroke motors have earned a legendary reputation for their robust performance, initially designed for demanding and prolonged usage, with a substantial reserve of strength and reliability ingrained in their design. They come equipped with exceptionally durable crankshafts, pistons, piston rings, and dependable carburetors. The Sharmax motor is purpose-built from the ground up to endure continuous, long-term, and demanding use, whether for commercial, industrial, or competitive sporting applications where extreme reliability and durability are paramount. Sharmax boat motors excel in vibration isolation and demonstrate unwavering reliability during operation. Their surface is safeguarded by a five-layer coating, primarily composed of high-quality stainless steel.