9,900 AED

Marine Sharmax F15

9,900 AED
Sharmax F15

Three life support sections. An emergency demolition valve is installed on each section. The lower part of the sections and the keel are armored with American KeelShield Length tape. You can safely fly aground or shore on pebbles. Now it's real.

Required training experience

The Sharmax F15FHS outboard motor is a fully equivalent version of other powerful engines. All components can be easily interchanged, making operation and maintenance of the equipment much simpler. Sharmax outboard motors undergo extensive testing and thorough checks of all systems before being sold. The external parts are constructed from a special aluminum alloy. The four-stroke motors in this series are renowned for their durability and were initially designed for tough and prolonged use, with a strong emphasis on reliability. They feature highly robust crankshafts, pistons, piston rings, and dependable carburetors. The Sharmax motor is built to withstand continuous, long, and demanding use, making it suitable for commercial, industrial, or competitive sports applications where extreme reliability and durability are essential. Sharmax boat motors offer excellent vibration isolation and are reliable in operation. The surface is safeguarded by a 5-layer coating, with high-quality stainless steel as the primary material. The safety and protection systems of Sharmax engines include: \- Warning for motor overheating \- Protection against starting with the transmission engaged \- Emergency engine shut-off switch Key features of all Sharmax engines include advanced technology and user-friendly design: \- Throttle control system for easy motor mode management \- Manual starter with a long cord for effortless and stable motor startup \- High-power generator and rectifier for battery charging \- Adjustable friction in the control system and a fin compensator to reduce motor drift \- Models can be equipped with a remote control system \- "Shallow water" mode with 6 positions for motor tilt angle adjustment \- Propeller hub exhaust system to minimize overall noise during motor operation \- Cooling system with a thermostat to maintain stable engine temperature \- Special marine aluminum alloy for extended motor lifespan and corrosion resistance \- Zinc protectors to prevent motor corrosion \- External fuel tanks with hoses, fittings, and fuel delivery system