49,000 AED

Marine Sharmax F115

49,000 AED
Sharmax F115

Three life support sections. An emergency demolition valve is installed on each section. The lower part of the sections and the keel are armored with American KeelShield Length tape. You can safely fly aground or shore on pebbles. Now it's real.

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Sharmax MF115 FEX-T EFI Outboard Engine 1\. Fully aluminum cylinder-free engine, four-cylinder, inline, 16-valve, Common Rail injector, electronic multi-point fuel injection provides the perfect combination of smoothness and fuel efficiency. 2\. Twin camshafts, each of which operates independently. The efficiency of intake and exhaust is significantly improved, optimizing fuel consumption during combustion. 3\. The timing belt is automatically controlled by a tensioner, which extends the service life and increases reliability. 4\. Multi-stage fuel filtration: water separator, built-in fuel filter, and high-pressure filter, water content sensor ensure fuel cleanliness and reliability. 5\. Lightweight and compact differential and tilt amplifier block. 6\. With reliable Delphi E.F.I. System and multifunctional diagnostic software MF115, it is characterized by high quality, long service life, and easy maintenance, reducing your fuel and maintenance costs. 7\. The Sharmax 115 hp EFI four-stroke engine is controlled by an ECU block, which provides the precise amount of air needed for optimal power and fuel efficiency. Several different sensors continuously monitor critical engine functions and will send special signals to inform in advance that the rev limiter has been activated, overheating warning, transmission start protection, low oil pressure warning, and automatic power reduction to prevent damage. 8\. Supports CW (clockwise) and CCW (counterclockwise) propellers for dual-engine systems, as well as more flexible steering control. 9\. Equipped with a multifunctional handle for models with a tiller. It features a front ignition key and gear shift controls. In addition, it uses an easy-to-use throttle control lever. 10\. The MF115 standard configuration includes a high-output 35A generator to provide sufficient power for multiple accessories. Sharmax MF115 FEX-T EFI Outboard Engine Despite its high degree of tuning - its maximum speed is 6300 rpm - the engine operates very quietly even at high speeds. For the same reason, the model is the lightest and most compact in its class. The MF115 F creates the least load on the transom of the boat, leaving room for additional fuel tanks, luggage, or auxiliary motors. The MF115F engine is suitable for boats of any corresponding size - from budget fishing boats to small cabins. The best acceleration dynamics are guaranteed by the classic dual-cam DOHC/16-valve gas distribution system with increased diameter valves for each cylinder. If you use the boat in cruising mode, you will be pleased with the fuel efficiency of the MF115 F engine, and its cost of use will be lower than expected. The Sharmax MF115 FEX-T EFI incorporates the latest technologies in its design. The 16-valve four-stroke engine equipped with two upper camshafts significantly improves fuel combustion and maximizes acceleration capabilities quickly and smoothly. The latest systems have also played a role in facilitating operation and control, improving reliability and durability. The outboard engine comes with a remote control unit and a multifunctional control instrument.